Why footballers cover their mouths when communicating on the pitch

It is a common thing to see footballers covering their mouths when talking to teammates, opposition players, managers and even referees. However, do you know players have adapted this behaviour? 

Many people have always believed that football players do this to hide what they tell their teammates from their opponents. More so, they do this to avoid being caught using abusive words and uncouth statements on the field using sign interpreters.

However, this is not the reason why they cover their mouths while talking to one another. The real reason they do this is to make sure they are being heard. 

According to Phil Hall, a PR consultant who has worked with some big clubs in the Premier League, players do this to amplify their voices so that they audible enough.

One of the players revealed to him saying that the noises in the stadium prevent them from passing messages in a low tone. Covering their mouths amplifies their voices making the sound audible enough. 

“There is a lot of noise around them in a stadium and on the pitch, they need to amplify the voice,” said Phil.

“In a loud ground, when you speak normally the sound is being spread out.

“It’s like a foghorn if you put your hand over your mouth and point it to the person you are talking to it is much clearer,” said one of the players he talked to.

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