Video & Audio Production

Brand Envoy Africa is a video and audio production company in Lagos, Nigeria. Effective communication is mostly conveyed using videos in this new future we are all living in. Any future focused business must use videos as a strategic marketing tool. Brand Envoy Africa has many years spent on creating memorable video productios that inspire our clients customers to react positively.


We tailor our videos to align with our client’s brand strategy, work within an allocated budget, and suit their chosen media or channel. Our field of expertise includes:

  • Television advertisements
  • External corporate communication (business to business, business to stakeholders)
  • Internal corporate communication (induction, training, motivation)
  • Documentary-style corporate social investment videos
  • Website and social media content

Our videos reflect our deep understanding of who clients’ brands are, where they are and where they’re going.

Our involvement is complete and hands-on; from receiving the brief, creating the concept and script to scouting locations and setting up the studios; from selecting the talent, choosing stock footage and soundtracks and directing the shoot and edit to presenting the final product.


From writing the lyrics and composing original soundtracks for clients’ jingles and motivational songs, to producing radio commercials and designing multi-layered video soundtracks, Brand Envoy Africa has the talent, experience and energy to present work that is new, innovative and entirely memorable.

Our role is to continuously look for and find different, inspiring ways for our clients to interact well with their customers. Sound is an increasingly essential part of this strategic marketing.


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