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We are a political campaign agency in Nigeria. We have played a key role in the presidential , senatorial and governorship elections over the past ten years, we have actively helped political candidates secure their desired seats by using varied offline and digital means of advertising. From the days of utilizing just billboards, radio and TV adverts we have evolved and played dominant yet covert roles in branding and helping campaign managers, holders of political offices and aspiring candidates achieve results.


With the advent and evolving digital marketing techniques available, it is still sad to note that over 65% of the target market may not be literate and so would not properly engage with digital means of marketing. E.g A candidate who wants to send out campaign materials to candidates in the rural areas will not opt for Landing Pages, Digital e-campaign materials or content marketing because these individuals are either not internet savvy, may not have the data to access content or other reasons.

However, we still believe in the efficacy of;

A) Mobile Marketing using robocalls that send voice messages to your potential voters in your native language or any language of choice using a smart database which we can target down to ward-levels.

B) SMS Campaigns sent to a highly targeted database of registered voters who can read (… but honestly, it’s not as effective as it used to be).

C) Digital Display Campaigns strategically displayed across google display networks (this has also become dicey as you need to navigate google’s new rules of political display ads).

D) Video AD Campaigns that resonate with the grassroot, mid-income and High Networth Individuals. View some of our video AD’s here.

E) Grassroots Activation Campaigns that resonate with the everyday Nigerian are our specialty. From the research to execution stage we deliver political seats. From the branded bags to branded vehicles we deliver on all of this.

F) Public Relations that provides quick cancellation of negative publicity. The days where there was nothing like bad publicity are gone and now, we ensure that our aspirants image is protected or redeemed.

G) Outdoor/Radio/TV campaign slots are booked at affordable rates for aspirants we work with. Our agency rates with various media outlets provides us with highly discounted rates that could benefit your campaign in the long run.

H) Campaign Jingles are the rave during campaign seasons and we have been creating both English and region specific campaign jingles since inception. With 103 campaign jingles under our belt, we get better each day. Better than our last jingle. The PDP theme during the 2015 election was “Transformation Everywhere”, a theme that was pitched to the relevant parties. This theme was a strategy that needed a song to drive home the point. The campaign jingle below helped achieve this

The PDP Theme Song Introducing the “Transformation Everywhere ” Slogan.

Politicians have been made to spend money unnecessarily using campaign techniques that will not work for particular locations. We at Brand Envoy Africa ensure that;

i) You do not spend any dime you cannot account for in terms of value

ii) There is transparency by sending out campaign materials using our 100% transparent approach.

Our Digital Campaigning comes in various forms. We subtly take up mind space by highlighting past efforts OR future commitments rather than desprately canvassing for votes as experience has taught us that 72% indirect campaigning tact’s work better as candidates approach election dates.

Let’s make this campaign a success for you and get you the mind space required. Our solution requires at least 30 working days to be deployed to achieve the required results and we will assign a digital campaign manager to you who will be available to the candidate as we have learnt how quickly things change in the heat of the campaign period.

Request for a quote or meeting by simply calling the number +2348009055475 or filling our contact form.

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