Disney+ creates post-apocalyptic world inspired by new show ‘Y: The Last Man’

Disney+ has created a post-apocalyptic world inspired by its new show Y: The Last Man, in which a disastrous event causes the death of all the world’s men, bar one.

The experience at The Vaults in Waterloo draws on key themes from the show represented in five main experiential rooms.

In the “TV store”, the audience starts the experience with a breaking news programme followed by an emergency broadcast that leads them to embark on an evacuation.

“Tent city” is where guests see that anti-government protests have sprung up across the world in the aftermath of the cataclysm.

“Women rule the world/the patriarchy is gone” is an area where the audience explores the new world women are dealing with in the aftermath of the event.

“All men are gone” is a theatrical representation of the impact of the event, highlighting the gender-biased roles men played in the world.

Finally, “Candle room” is a raw, emotional and powerful choral performance set to candlelight – a place where visitors can consider the emotional impact of what has gone.

Attendees are guided through the experience by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) personnel. All attendees are made aware prior to the experience that there will be a simulated evacuation. There are performers positioned around the theatrical experience, who are in costumes inspired by characters from the series.

The walkthrough is followed by a preview screening of the first episode of Y: The Last Man and then a visit to the underground NYC bar.

The bar room is set up as a post-apocalyptic New York street scene with a taxi, police car, traffic signs, lights and a graffiti wall for photo opportunities. This room is set to a soundtrack inspired by New York and the series, with the food also drawing inspiration from the Big Apple.

The two-hour experience, visited by ticket winners and influencers, is taking place on 15 and 16 September. There are five sessions across the two days.

“Y: The Experience” was produced by Organic in partnership with Steven Moffett on behalf of Disney+.

In the UK, episodes one to three of Y: The Last Man launch on Disney+ from 22 September. Further episodes launch each Wednesday. 

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