Brand Strategy | Digital| Social Media

Client Concern: The client had noticed a decline in the number of customers coming into their stalls. This affected sales with an almost 32%  downturn in revenue across 4 months.
Case Observation: We created a 7 day campaign that got in over 4,000 new customers and retained almost 40% of that number afterwards. We first ran a SWOT analysis which helped us understand who their key competitors in the retail niche were. We then discovered that a small family-run retail outlet was co-locating everywhere the client had an existing store and giving counter-offers to customers going to the client’s stores.
Strategy: We built a customer profile of everyone who came to buy from the store and discovered that the Filipino community constituted 53% of all customers coming to purchase items from the store. We also discovered that high traffic points were between 3pm and 7pm.  During one of the in-store survey days, we discovered that they always were in a hurry to buy, then head out to nearby exchanges where they would send money home to their families in the Philippines.
This gave us an idea. We got the store owner to create a value-addition idea to his stall which ended up becoming a second revenue source. An exchange merchant was then located instore. This dramatically increased the amount of time customers spent inside the stores across Bahrain and also positively affected the goods sold.
Social: We then included a social media strategy that had immigrant customers taking selfies which were then edited by us with the retail brands name and sent back to the customers who would then send it to their families offshore. It was instant joy and success.
Day 1: 200 customers
Day 2: 370 customers
Day 3: 700 customers
Day 4-7: 2,800 plus customers
Campaign CTA: Take a picture of yourself shopping at any of the outlets, The best 500 faces won free shopping vouchers worth about 20usd. Due to the high
Result: High advanced engagement – more than 12’000 photos were uploaded and 4,800 footfalls got into the stores as a result of the campaign.
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